Survival Buzz: Can a Prepper Afford to Be Lazy?

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Can a prepper afford to be lazy?  I want to respond not only with a resounding yes, but with a “you have to in order to keep your sanity”!

For anyone other than a prepper, being lazy would be referred to as “scheduling some downtime”.  For us, taking time to do nothing gets more complicated. Let me explain.

Can a Prepper Afford to be Lazy | Backdoor Survival

Being a type A person, the never ending list of things to do always beckons.  As the list gets longer, so does the guilt.  Remember the goals I set out last month?  The intent was to check them off and at the end of December and set up new goals for the month of January.  So how did I do?  So-so.

1.  Gather at least two additional buckets of desert biomass to use in my rocket stoves.

This did not happen.  It has been very cold and not wanting to purchase additional cold-weather clothing, I put this off for another month.  Actually, I procrastinated.

2.  Purchase and re-package 20 pounds of sugar.  With all of that holiday baking that folks do this time of year, sugar is dirt cheap right now.


3.  Purchase and package 20 pounds of oatmeal to add to my food storage.

Postponed until I can make it to Winco who has the best pricing out there.

4.  Fill the second 160-gallon barrel of the 320-gallon water tank kit I purchased in October.


5.  Learn to make DIY toilet bombs for ease in cleaning toilets without the use of chemicals.

Nope, not yet.

6.  Read one new book in the “post-apocalyptic” fiction genre.

Done.  I read “The Gemini Virus” by Wil Mara and also “Host” by Robin Cook.  Both that may not exactly be considered post-apocalyptic, but a story about greedy medical institutions was fiction as truth.

7.  Bake bread in the Sun Oven.

Nope, not yet, although I did start up weekly bread baking which has been on hold since getting to Arizona.

8.  Acquire paper maps of the surrounding area so I can find my way back home if there is a disruptive event while I am in Arizona for the winter.

I have some, but not nearly enough.  This is proving more challenging that I thought.

9. Tune up our bicycles so we can start riding again with the mini goal of increasing physical stamina.


With hindsight, the question I have asked myself is why did these things not get done?  Poor weather notwithstanding, I craved some downtime and wanted to step away from prepping for awhile.  I got lazy and gave myself permission to let some goals slide.

Perhaps equating downtime with being lazy is the wrong approach after all.  What about you?  Did you let things slide last month?

Those Addictive Coloring Books!

For better or for worse (mostly better) I have become addicted to adult coloring books. Although I have purchased a few, I now understand the value of downloading Kindle versions. By doing so, you can preview the book before deciding if the print book will be to your liking. Of course you can also click on the PDF link and download pages to print yourself to color too.

The PDF link is usually at the very beginning or end of the book. Anyway, here is a nice one with floral designs; FREE at the moment.

News Flash!  Articles from Around the Web

This should come as no surprise (although certain people will likely be stunned), but the increased minimum wage hike will now take its toll. If you like to dine out, you can expect to pay 10% more as of January 1 to make up for the higher wages that are being paid to workers.

I was steaming mad when I heard that Congress repealed the law requiring meat to be labeled with the country of origin. Whether you have a label or not, it’s still important to know where your food comes from. Here are some tips to ensure your meat was raised in the USA (and reasons why you should care).

Cell phones are both a blessing and a curse. While they can be a wonderful tool for communication, many people are so obsessed with their devices that they do not pay attention to anything else. We have all heard stories about texting and driving being the cause of accidents, but have you heard this story  from California about a man who literally walked off a cliff and plunged to his death while distracted by his phone last week?

Social Shares for this Coming Week

Not everyone has the time or interest to visit Facebook.  I know that I limit the time I spend there to an hour a week, at most.  On the other hand, I do spend a considerable amount of time posting to the BDS Facebook page.  Even so, FB does not always “show” fans my posts.  It is very discouraging.

To get around that, I have decided to post some of those Facebook shares here in the Buzz.  Here is what is coming up this week.  These are the best prepping, survival, and homesteading articles from my colleagues in the Professional Prepared Bloggers Group.  I hope you enjoy and learn from them.


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The Final Word

While responding to a recent reader email, I made the comment “I am not sure that everyone puts a lot of thought into their prepping purchases.”  Unfortunately, there are still a lot of fear based prepper sites out there that promote junk products that will not hold up in a true SHFT situation.

As you plan your purchases, keep in mind that price does not always dictate quality.  There are budget-priced items that are fantastic and expensive items that shoddy.  And the other way around.  All that being said, I want to remind you to use common logic as you gather your preps.  Read reviews and do you own homework as you plan your purchases.

For 2016, let us be smart preppers.  Let us purchase wisely and beyond that, take some time out to have some fun and to just be, for lack of a better word, lazy.

Happy new year, everyone!

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Bargain Bin:  Here are the items mentioned today plus, as always, a few tried and true personal favorites.

The Gemini Virus: I really enjoyed the book.  It has a surprise ending which just proves that all is not what it seems.  For those like me that believe in conspiracies, this was a good reminder that not all nefarious woes are the result of terrorist events.  Here is a preview:

The unknown virus kills in four days. By the time the first bodies are found, it’s too late. Thousands are already sick. Already dying.  Supermarket shelves go bare, police roadblocks are set up, and people disappear―some fleeing the illness, others quietly suffering behind locked doors. Dennis Jensen fears that his family will be next. They break quarantine to seek safety in an isolated cabin high in the hills.

Flowers and Floral Patterns: 60 Full Page Line Drawings Ready For Coloring (Adult Coloring Books) (Volume 2): I am totally addicted to coloring.  Who would have thought it?  I find that I favor Mandalas and floral designs.  I purchased this book after previewing the “free” version.

10 Pack Mini LED FlashlightsThe Sunday Survival Buzz Volume 127 Backdoor Survival:  What a great deal on 10 mini flashlights on a key ring – button batteries included.  I happen to like a more sturdy ring so I remove the one that comes with and use a small bit of tie-wrap (zip tie) instead.   The included battery seemingly lasts forever and at this price, you can stash them in the car, purse, pocket, tool box and by the circuit breaker box, and still have some left over for other uses.

As of this writing, all 10 are under $4.00 in red and even less in black.  Shipping is free.

TaoTronics Collapsible Lantern:  This TaoTronics Lantern is collapsible, super bright, and water resistant.  It is powered by 3 AAA batteries that will provide brightness for 40 hours. To use this lantern, just pull it open; there are no power switches to mess with.  At the time of this writing, only $7.99 with free Prime shipping.

Alaska May 2013 312 Lifestraw

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter:  The LifeStraw contains no chemicals, no batteries and no moving parts to wear out. It features a a high flow rate and weighs only 2 oz. It works quickly, taking roughly 3-5 seconds of sucking to start the flow of water through the filter. It’s ultra-light and inexpensive but effective.  There is also the LifeStraw Family that will purify up to 12 liters per hour.


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Which are the best oils for your survival kit?  This article describes my top picks.

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Survival Buzz: Can a Prepper Afford to Be Lazy? — 12 Comments

    • You want more than just a map. When walking or bicycling, you want a topographical map so you can choose the best path for saving energy when water and food are being rationed or scarce.

    • Benchark Maps are similar to DeLorme maps and may even be better in some cases. For example, I found the AZ Benchmark map to be better than the AZ DeLorme map. Benchmarks are also on Amazon, but I don’t think they have maps for all 48 states.

      The best option for actual data is to get county maps. They’re far more detailed and show many more roads than either DeLorme or Benchmark. However, they’re a pain to collect and take up more space.

    • And AAA members should remember that maps are free to members. Not quite as good as a full Delorme book, but the cost is right and every prepper needs backups right? 😉

  1. Gaye, I just cannot imagine you being lazy. That’s a personality trait that takes over ones life.

    I think burnout followed by necessary down time is more accurate. Even if one is not burned out, we need to step back from prepping periodically and just breathe. Then do a little organizing and jump in once again.

  2. I’m not a type a personality, so I can afford to admire their busyness. Then again, we need all types of personalities to survive any disaster. While some may seem lazy, perhaps they are being inventive, creative or imaginative about the possibilities. I’m more like the tortoise, I keep moving and get it done thoroughly. lol
    So while I’m here, let me suggest something for the first aid kits. It’s great for puncture wounds, insect bites and snake bites. I’m getting several containers, 1 for each kit I own—until I can learn how to find the plant and forage for it. Ledum palustre

  3. Thank you for all you do…I need a push from time to time and I always come to your site to get saidPUSH…I think I am news overloaded…trying to figure out what the best person is for our country..I am really scared and nervous about the future of our country…..anyone else thinking this way? I believe a break from the news is my best bet….only one thing ..if the world blows up will someone on here give me a heads up

  4. My little town in the midwest was under a flood warning this past week. My house was not effected but as soon as the threat of heavy rains was predicted I made sure my sump pump was ready, had my pet carriers moved to an easy place to access and continued to add to water supply. Four people lost their lifes in this tiny town so I feel very fortunate. Also, purchased more emergency blankets and gave some to my elderly parents. I find myself always checking their home to see what they have and what they need.

  5. See downtime as a something you need to practice. Hoping it will never happen, but you might need forced downtime due to illness or injury. I had surgery last year and had lots of forced downtime since I couldn’t much more than eat or sleep for a week. Then for 2 months I had several restrictions. So I learned how to crochet, this way I had fun learning something productive instead of getting bored and pushing the restrictions to the point of needing more surgery.

    Maybe plan a productive hobby day so you get a needed break, but feel you’re doing something. Husband and I are experimenting with this idea.

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