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  1. Thank you for this article, it’s good to not feel so alone all the time. I have one person I can talk to, other that that, I just don’t talk about the things that I feel are important. On the net I feel like I’m part of a community, but in real life I work alone on all this. I appreciate knowing that others are out there.

  2. I feel exactly the same way! My husband thinks I’m crazy, at work I’m an alarmist, my sister feels the same way I do, but refuses to take steps to prepare. I am trying to prepare first for my family of four, secondly for an extended family of about 24 and then thirdly for anyone left over, but doing it alone is hard! Your article caught my feelings up perfectly!

  3. I feel lucky, growing up with older, depression-era parents, then being part of the ‘hippie’, self-sufficient, collective movement in the 1970s.
    I learned to make-do, a lot.
    Also, having studied Chinese Medicine, I now have 10,000 years of periodic disasters and survival knowledge to back me up.
    Remember, we are the progeny of those pioneers, explorers and survivors from the last disaster.
    We are genetically programmed to make it through.
    Hurrah!! For the holders of knowledge and the preppers.

  4. “A worsening global economy fueled by excess government spending, undeserved entitlements, and a dearth of decent, well-paying jobs”

    Regarding excess gov’t spending…hope you realize that most of the gov’t spending includes the Pentagon and our various Wars, as well as the interest on our nation’s debt (Treasuries).

    By ‘undeserved entitlements…hope you are referring to the massive gov’t subsidies given to Corporations. Many major multi-national corporations pay nothing in the way of taxes.

    However, if you are talking about SS and Medicare, working people paid into those programs. It’s not as if the gov’t didn’t get payroll taxes for these programs. And Food Stamps, I know there are a few who scam the system, but I am in no way going to see people hungry.

    Of late, I have noticed people walking around who look as if they are starving…they are so very thin and their clothes are barely hanging on to the frames of their bodies.

    Decent middle-class jobs: again look to the Corporate world and see how the CEOs have decided to move millions of jobs off-shore.

    Last, look at what has been done since the Financial Collapse of 2008….Nothing. All of those banksters who caused the mess are still there, but now it’s actually worse. The Commercial banks have bought the Investment banks…no more Glass Steagall! We’re doomed.

    And as far as I’m concerned the ‘hippies’ were right. They lived in community that was self-sustaining. What is wrong with that?

    My grandfather wouldn’t even discuss The Great Depression with me….it was that horrible. But my grandmother never turned a ‘hobo’ away. She gave them a seat at the table with everyone else.

    Everyone needs to take a walk on ‘the poor side of town’ and see what it’s like. Visit a Domestic Violence Center and count your blessings. The budgets for anything to do w/ women, children, and the elderly are ALWAYS the first to be cut. Why? They have the weakest voices.

    I hope these Truths don’t distort your selfish outlook. Just remember, but for the Grace of God go I. In the blink of an eye, your island could be washed away. Then what? Take a cruise?

    P.S. There is nothing one can do to shake people out of Denial.

    • Undeserved entitlements: free healthcare to illegals, subsidized college tuition to foreigners, humungous bailouts to the crooked Wall Street banking machine, excessive and obscene benefits to Congress and more. I think you get the drift.

      I would never diss Social Security and Medicare. I was just talking about that to the Survival Husband last night (who gets both). I have paid and paid and paid into the system both as an employee and an employer. That is not an entitlement. It is a return on the investment that was made throughout my working life. It is not our fault that our government chose to use those funds for purposes other than the rightful payout to citizens of our country.

      • Thank you Gaye, for that reply. I am on Social Security Disability and have sometimes, been made to feel that I am a free-loader. I worked very hard for many, many years and paid in to a system that has been severely disabused. I now use my time, energy, and small income to prepare for the inevitable, for myself, my husband and my family. And hopefully, to have enough left over to provide for others.

  5. The knowledge that is truly necessary is the knowledge required to be self sufficient. One could then detach, and stop supporting the uber parasites who caused most of this. Without hosts the parasites will die, so if enough folks detach, or actively work toward it, the parasites will have to drop the deception to feed, or do some usefull work!! Then everyone will know, and there will be no need to teach.

    While it is good to have stored goods and emergency preps, what is really necessary is a sustainable lifestyle that requires only local imputs and alows one to detach from the system. There would then be little need to worry about what “they” are doing, or about what happens when your storage is depleted.

    What does it mean to detach? Here is a 12 step program. Under the current system, almost no one can take all the steps, some will not want to, and others by luck and/or foresight will be there already. Some will disagree, or not mind supporting their oppressors. Some may suggest further steps, and they are welcome to. However, I believe there is value in obtaining what freedom is possible now.

    1. Stop watching their media, it is not called programming for nothing! Or, monitor it just enough to compile a list of advertizers to boycott. Withdrawal was difficult for me, as i was a “news junkie”; but now, after a media fast, the lies are so obvious it is painfull. The “attitude adjustments” in other programming and movies are much more insidious, few can catch them all. A free mind does not need subconcious or subliminal programming.

    2. If you have a choice, don’t work for them. Work for yourself if possible, otherwise, avoid government at all levels; and corporations with government ties or contracts. This includes Big Ag, Big Banks, “defence” Big Finance, Big Pharma and corporations they control. It also includes professions that require major interaction with those mentioned.

    3. Live debt free. If you have debt, pay it off if possible. If you are bankrupt, face up to it and get it over. Whatever your situation, debt enslaves you to the system, being free and detached requires carrying little or no debt.

    4. If you receive government money, (pension, disability, SS, SNAP, whatever), try to develop other resources until you can live without it.

    5. Don’t loan to or borrow from them, or let them “manage” your money; keep your money out of banks if possible, or in small local banks or credit unions if not. Otherwise they win and you lose.

    6. Buy local if possible. When buying local, favor those who produce and hire local.

    7. Avoid transfer “taxes” and fees on plastic. Transaction fees paid by merchants are free money for the banks and cause everything to cost more. Pay cash when possible.

    8. Produce your own food, and/or purchase locally grown and raised food. Consider local hunting or fishing if it produces real returns (this is rare) and you have the necessary skills. If none of these is possible, consider moving to where they are possible.

    9. Produce your own heat. If you live where winter heating is necessary, find a way to provide that without outside inputs. Locally purchased local firewood being the major exception. If building, consider designing for passive solar.

    10. Produce your own power/energy if you can afford to. In most places even the most efficient and appropriate home energy system will cost more than it pays back based on current utility costs, especially if not grid tied. The exception is a good micro hydro site. But if you can afford it, you are buying peace of mind and will not have to worry about grid failure. Having a whatever home power you can afford fosters independence. If you can’t afford it, consider methods used before electricity was common. For example, home canning some of your produce (maybe on an outside wood stove?) instead of freezing it.

    11. Income taxes. Obviously, if you can provide for all your needs without “income” you don’t need to pay income tax. Considering the required money to pay other taxes though, this is almost impossible for most property owners. Ideas anyone??

    12. Property taxes: Unless you happen to be a minister living on a church farm, there are few ways of avoiding property taxes. (If you rent, you are paying them to your landlord) There are attempts in some states to abolish property taxes, but no success so far.

  6. Well said, Gaye. At some level we must trust our instincts and our intuition that have allowed most of us to survive and thrive up til now. I am winning converts in my family and social circles by remaining calm and being proven right time after time by the events and shams unfolding around us. Sensible people recognize all is not right. We will always have cognitive dissonance to deal with in some members of society, but common sense will prevail for more and more. Hopefully, enough people will get it before it’s too late. I’m glad you are helping people get to that place with your sites!

  7. It’s been said: “I would rather stand outside, in the pouring rain, holding up the shabbiest TRUTH than walk in opulence carrying The Best Dressed Lie.” Your burden of truth may be heavy; but your strength and courage to carry it ranks right up there with Generals of The U. S. Army.

  8. Well done. You have an eloquent and succint way of addressing the problems ahead. It is depressing being the loner, but it is worth doing considering what lies ahead. Who knows, the child you save might be your future savior. Blessings!
    Oh, and I can see why you and Ure have been friends for so long. You are both really good writers.

  9. A wise woman answered my complaint once, with these words,
    “A pioneer is always alone.”
    I think being able to stand alone with your own truth is a good survival skill.

  10. You know, my son tried to enlighten me after 9/11. I wasn’t hearing it, I wasn’t having it. I was in denial.
    Its been probably 3 years ago, that my eyes popped open. Its such a sad day when it finally happens, you cry, you curse and shake your head. There are days I wish they were still closed, just because the burden of truth is so heavy, and most of the people around me still have their eyes closed to it. My husband has finally realized the truth, but occasionally he will say something to me that is very media driven, but I remember that period of awakening. When it just goes against every fiber of your being to believe our own govt. does things/allows things to happen that directly effect its own citizens.
    There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking about this. There are those in my family that think I am crazy for storing food, and other items. They laugh at my BOB. I just tell them that I pray to God, I will never ever have to use it, but it gives me a small measure of peace to know its there in case of a problem. Same with my stock of food and “other” things. I am a 50 year old woman with serious back problems, I don’t want to bug out. But if it comes to it, I am ready and will do it. There are bears here, and I will soon have my can of bear mace. (Please God dont let me bug out while the bears are hungry!)
    I’m not completely depressed about this like I was at the beginning of this journey, you can only wallow in that muck for so long, then you realize you need to take action. Get prepared, even if all you buy in a week of preparing is some batteries. Just doing that gives me a measure of peace. I dipped jute in paraffin yesterday, and felt better about my BOB!
    Its a lonely journey, compounded by the fact that you try to alert others to the way things are, only to have them scoff at you. I feel a responsibility to tell others that they should prep, even if the only thing that happens is weather related, thinking maybe they could relate to that, not bringing Chem-trails into the conversation!
    I am an “Extremist” a “Doomsday Prepper” a “Conspiracy Theorist” the list goes on and on…at first it was hurtful. Now I just don’t care, call me what you will. I am not completely ready, and probably never will be, but always working at it in some way. So I prep. I know a few things that are certain truths to me. I don’t want to die from starvation. I don’t want to die from dehydration, or dysentery having no clean water supply. If my time comes, I will go happily to Heaven. But, if its not my time, and the SHTF I don’t need to suffer.
    **As a side note…I wrote this but had to leave the house for a while, hadn’t posted yet. I got back on the PC to see an old friend of mine on FB has started seeing whats going on around her, she re-posted a video I had posted last week. Guess I wont delete that account just yet (I had been considering it). Maybe another person has been yanked out of her sleep!

  11. Just one thing I will like to share. I believe that people who are seeking truth and knowledge is not burdensome for anyone but the 1%. In fact, preparedness as a way of life is enlightening and keeps one focused on doing good things and in turn lessens anxiety, stress.

  12. I have been ‘early’ for the past four years waiting for the wheels to fall off the bus. I have been laughed at more than once, and have moved my cash out of the market losing the great returns of the last few years. I sometimes feel that I might be wrong, as everyone else seems to think that everything, well not everything is just fine, even if there are some problems.

    I seem to have looked at this deeper than most of them, and feel that prepping is the correct thing to do, even if nothing goes wrong in the immediate future. Keeping up the act is getting harder, but my preps are also getting better, so I really do not have much room to complain.

  13. I have seen a lot of articles on this particular topic lately and I am glad to read them as I have been feeling particularly burdened with this knowledge lately. I teach gov/econ and it is hard trying to wake people up. Everyday I carefully tread water to wake up the youth without pissing off someone above me too much as to get fired. It’s hard to tell how much of this stuff sinks in but I think the younger people are really waking up to this.

    A student sent me this email last week about her interesting encounter with her bank and it was a sign of hope for me that the truth is exploding, even amongst the average person. Maybe you all will like this too. The video she refers to is “Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money Part 4” which I showed to all my econ kids within the past week. My AP MacroEcon student gave me permission to share her experience:

    “Hi Mrs.Y,
    I just got out of a meeting with my bank agent because I had deposited about $300 in my checking account and for some reason it didn’t show up on my account anymore. Also, it showed that a second account was opened in my name so I figured my account had been compromised and I made an appointment to find out what was going on. I made sure I read over all of my mail from Bank of America to make sure I wasn’t the one making the mistake.

    So I went to the bank and I explained what was going on and that I wanted my money back and they tried to come up with some BULL that my dad had opened it. I got my dad on the phone (who was pissed at this point) saying that he didn’t open it. The bank agent apologized saying “oh no sorry ma’am I believe something that you bought from a store was possibly compromised and that’s why your account has been frozen.” (Yet I haven’t used my account for anything in months) so he starts pulling a bunch of crap and I finally just say “I know how the bank system works…”

    I went on explaining to him how the video said it worked and his eyes got wide and he asked me how I old I was and I told him 18. He started smiling and giggling saying that he was at work, but if he were anywhere else he would have laughed his ass off in amazement. So he immediately returned my money (+ the money from the past month of paychecks) and cancelled that second account and gave me a new temporary card.

    New found respect for my (super limited) Econ knowledge. I just wanted to share my experience with you! Have a nice day!”

    • I am off to watch the video online (Mike Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money Part 4) so I can connect the dots. So what really had happened to his money??

      • The Mike Maloney part 4 is really awesome. My AP students have to understand, as part of the AP curriculum, the process of the multiple expansion of checkable deposits, Federal Reserve’s purchase of bonds on the open market, and how the Fed uses interest rates to adjust the money supply. Videos like the Mike Maloney piece really help me show students alternative ways of viewing the Fed. Maloney’s 140 years of monetary history in 10 minutes is also a good one.

        As for my student, I am not sure what happened with her money but her story reinforced the idea that our money is simply a bunch of bogus numbers that can be edited at will by the banking class. I guess the bank agent had the ability to correct all the damage but gave her a hard time until she revealed her knowledge of the banking system to the guy. Now my other students are asking, “so if I go into a bank and explain how the banking system really works to the top manager, they will deposit money in my account?” Not quite sure why everything worked out just fine for my student, but I guess there are awake and aware people within the banking system who see that it is fundamentally flawed.

        A different student told me yesterday that she had an interesting encounter this past weekend while getting a manicure/pedicure for prom. The nail salon attendant and my student started discussing music. My student asked the nail attendant “what music do you like?” and the nail person said “I really like pop music,and I don’t want to sound crazy but I am starting to think that the Illuminati is manipulating Hollywood and that the Federal Reserve has something to do with it…” My student immediately engaged the nail attendant in some serious political/economic discussion because we talk about these “conspiracies” in class all the time.

        I also have a student whose parents are awake and aware and spend their weekends at their homestead getting it ready for whatever happens. That student has chosen not to go to a 4 year university but instead wants training as an EMT to serve his community and work towards a self sufficient lifestyle on the homestead with his family.

        Hearing these stories from students about how this information is spreading is keeping me motivated. I will admit, it is hard to think this way among a sea of brainwashed educators and controlling bureaucrats. Knowing that people (especially my students) are speaking about these issues to their parents and loved ones or are finding themselves in situation with strangers who start conversations about these topics and/or assert their knowledge of the banking system to the bankers is kind of awesome. The kids will be the difference.

        Sorry this is so long. I just feel like sharing these stories may reinvigorate those who feel like change will never happen and that these ideas are going nowhere. I admit I feel this way sometimes. Love your work! I share your articles with my students 🙂

  14. It doesn’t help us any, that some people who talk-the-talk ARE whacky. I encountered this lady when responding to a classified ad…she knew what was going on in this country….but she was telling people not to pay their credit card bills- and would spam people with crazy emails from rumor-mongers…. Or the guy I encountered in a store once, who’d go on and on about the Masons and the Bilderbergers et al, as if they controlled everything that ever happens in your life every minute of every day. My point: There do seem to be a lot of paranoid types and unstable people out there who “sound like us”; and not to mention that the gooberment is putting out a lot of false info disguised as alternate media- so that those who can not discern often don’t know what is true and what’s not….

    Add to that, that the majority of our society is brainwashed in government schools, to hold a worldview which renders them perpetual children who go through their lives as slaves- and that brainwashing is bolstered for the rest of their lives through the media- and it is evident that we live in a time when lies are the norm, and those who merely use reason and logic, and who use their eyes to see; and speak the simple truth, are seen as radicals.

    • Just as well; we can not un-do the brainwashing of the massive system of media and public schools- except to those who already have a clue/see the cracks.

      This verse from the Bible comes to mind:
      Ezekiel 14:20 “Though Noah, Daniel, and Job, [were] in it, [as] I live, saith the Lord GOD, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall [but] deliver their own souls by their righteousness.”. (Times are so treacherous that even the most righteous men who ever lived would not even be able to influence those of their own households and families. How much the less, strangers?)

  15. Your premise that “we” are an educated populace is wrong. The US population is woefully ignorant (especially of history), practically illiterate,yet believe they are educated because they have been told they are. They are gullible, trust “experts” and authorities, and follow what “most people believe” when they are cued by TV hair-dos quoting “polls”. I feel your burden and have found that most folks are asleep…until the “authorities” step on THEIR toes, then they start to get a glimmer. Hey, who am I to judge? I was them, until I realized that “my” local school was actually nothing more than a brainwashing facility for CHILDREN and a tool for local “business leaders” to fleece property owners. Once I started researching school reform (impossible, and a diversionary tactic) I couldn’t go back to being clueless.To every time, there is a season…..

    • @”K”;

      THAT is one of the best and most observant comments I have read in YEARS!

      It seems that the more formal education one has, the more naive they are; and the more they just trust “the system” and are incapable of rading between the lines/seeing what is going on before their own eyes.

      I know/have known a few Ph.D’s. One, consistently loses money in the stock market, because he listens to the media and his broker, and buys when the market is at a peak! Another, bless her soul, with 4 degrees, in her late 40’s, is just now “waking up” and realizes that she wasted her life, as she no longer cares to work ion the politically-correct environment in which she is forced to if she wants to keep persuing a career in her chosen field- and now she is in massive debt for all the degrees; as well as having dedicated half of her life to acquiring them and working in that field. She’s basically starting out all over again, as she is about to turn 50- from where she shoulkd have been as a teenager- only now she has the added burden of a huge debt.

      Kids today can barely even write cursive script anymore; and forget about doing any math without a calculator or computer! (People see me doing math in my head when I use my checkbook in a store, and look at me like I’m some kind of genius :D)

      I was one of the lucky ones: In the late 70’s, I saw what was going on…and dropped out of high-school. That was when my education began! My only regret is that I wasted so many earlier years sitting in those classrooms; listening to a bunch of socialist garbage being espoused by some 23 year-old liberal dingbat who didn’t know her own butt from a hole in the ground, preach some gobblety-gook to 13 year-olds as if it were true, because she read it in a book and was being paid to preach it.

      Bravo for a refreshingly true comment!

  16. I know the doubt and intraspection of becoming aware. It is truly settling and uplifting to know that others share my vision and I am not crazy. That was the hardest part for me. I am the only one that sees this, I must be crazy. So I re-evaluated and re-investigated and tried to fit the facts (as I knew them) in to a different scenario, but the results were the same. After I awokened I stated to meet others that shared my vision. I shared my vision with those around me and mostly recieved the same response that everyone else has recieved. BUT one person I work with woke up and another I learned was already awake. That impact was huge. I AM NOT CRAZY, I am doing the right thing for my family though thye remain asleep. It has been difficult and I have had to be creative. I did not build a water resavoir, I built a fish pond. We did not learn to live with less, we went on a long term hiking trip. We did not grow a garden to become more food independent we are saving money and getting good exercise. Just last week, my father woke up, I wish I could figure out what I said… Thank you and everyone else who posts, it is good to know that I am not alone and that I am not crazy.

    • The rush of finding a like-minded person in this world is like finding a long-lost family member. To know you can speak your mind and discuss deep, intense issues with a new person is the best feeling, its like a drug for me.

      I just signed up for an educator training at the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank. I wonder if I will find any like-minded people there? Hahaha, well I want them to know that there are a few educators out there waking people up to the scam.

  17. Always the people who are aware of the most seem the unhappiest, but that doesn’t have to be that way. Too many people follow and walk this earth blind to what is really going on in our daily lives. the comforting feeling is that at least i’m aware of those issues…

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