Learning to Claim Our Absolute Right to Freedom and Survival

Learning to Claim Our Absolute Right to Freedom and Survival   Backdoor SurvivalA few weeks ago I was approached by the editors at the AbsoluteRights.com website and asked if I would like to become one of their contributing writers.  Naturally, I needed to check them out and when I saw that Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom was also a contributing writer, I knew I was is good company.

Tomorrow you will see my first article which will be featured in their weekly newsletter as well as online.  But in the meantime, I thought I would share with you my thoughts on their website and on their monthly subscription-based newsletter, called the Lamplighter Report.

Absolute Rights – The Website

Their mission is clear, as stated on their website:

Absolute Rights is dedicated to the proposition that it is the duty of all patriotic Americans to take back what is ours!

We believe in The Bill of Rights; they are our rights, and no one—not Barack Obama, not the Federal Reserve, nor the ACLU or the liberal liars in congress–are going to take them from us.

At Absolute Rights, we do not back down from telling it like it is. We repudiate all forms of censorship, especially that most dangerous anti-American form of silencing dissent known as political correctness. We know we have the right to speak out and we will exercise that right as loudly and as often as possible!

When you first go to the site, you will see the section titled “breaking news” on the front page and also on the menu bar.  This is where you will find the news that affects your rights as a citizen – news that could possibly affect your freedom and your ability to exercise free will over the long term.  You will also find articles that will prepare you to physically survive whatever may be thrown at you by a government that is out of touch with the people and the challenges—natural or otherwise–that might be headed our way during these uncertain times.

In all of the articles one thing is clear:  we all must claim our absolute right to freedom and survival.

The Lamplighter Report

The Lamplighter Report is a nicely formatted and extremely well written “magazine” that focuses on survival, homesteading, and self-sufficiency topics.  As an example, the May report included a well-written article on keeping chickens at home”, how to build the ultimate port-a-potty, using compost to bolster a green thumb, and an interesting piece on the barter economy.

Learning to Claim Our Absolute Right to Freedom and Survival   Backdoor SurvivalNow as much as I would like to raise chickens for their eggs, unless I move that simply is not going to happen.  Still, that is a topic that I am interested in and was curious about.  The article was well-written in a conversational manner and well, the picture of the baby chicks were adorable.

The Stuff does not need to “Hit the Fan” to require the use of a port-a-potty.  Those of us that have had boats and certainly those that have had RV’s can attest to the mess and the smell of an improperly set-up or improperly maintained sanitation system.  Even though I have already made Learning to Claim Our Absolute Right to Freedom and Survival   Backdoor Survivalemergency “potty” arrangements for my household in the event of a sewer system failure, I learned a lot from this article and plan to incorporate their easy-to-follow instructions for building an enclosure for my portable potty which I will call a “composting toilet”.

Going back a month, in April the report included an interesting discussion of the Florida “Stand Your Ground Law” and what it means to those of us living in other states. Other recent articles include Happiness is a Warm Gun, Growing Your Own Food in an Urban Apartment Garden, Growing and Saving Seeds For Your Survival Seed Stash and others.

Anyway, I think you get the drift.

The Lamplighter Report

As near as I can tell, Absolute Rights has put together a website with the goal of forming a community for like minded people who want to keep their freedom in the hands of the people.   (And if you missed yesterday’s article on this topic, A Prepper’s Nod to Independence Day and the Revolution of Thought. be sure to read it.)  There is a lot of good information available for free and if you sign up for their free newsletter, you also get immediate access to a current report.  Right now that report is “The Bill of Wrongs: The Great Collapse of America’s Infrastructure” but I believe the free report changes periodically.

The Lamplighter Report itself is available on a paid subscriptions basis.  Is it worth is?  That is something you will have to answer yourself after taking a look.  I think it is a lot better than some of the junk eBooks that you find online and also, the topics are not whacky or out there but rather practical for both the prepper and the patriot.Learning to Claim Our Absolute Right to Freedom and Survival   Backdoor Survival

The initial subscription comes with ten preparedness books that would make a great addition to a survival and preparedness library.  One, especially, is worth it since it talks about water (170 gallons a day) and answers the question of the how, why and could you should you drink urine (gross, I know) in an absolute, drink it or die situation.  (This, by the way, was a question I was asked during the June “ask Gaye a question” contest.)

Regardless, the Lamplighter report comes with a 30 day refund period and the reports are free to keep if you cancel so the risk is minimal.

Learning to Claim Our Absolute Right to Freedom and Survival   Backdoor SurvivalThe Final Word

With the internet, there is a ton of information out there free for the taking.  As I do my own research for the articles here on Backdoor Survival, I try to find the most credible sources with information that is repeated elsewhere and not just a flash in the pan at Wikipedia.  Over the past few months, I have grown to know the folks at Absolute Rights and feel that thee material is well written and accurate.  Sometimes I do have to set aside their politics but other than that, the reports are worthy of my time, attention and money.

That said, I leave it up to you to decide.

Note:  As you know, many blogs are supported by affiliate links. Backdoor Survival is no different in that regard.  Absolute Rights has offered Backdoor Survival a small commission on any subscriptions or sales that are generated from my site.  Whether you choose to purchase or not is up to you, but I do recommend that you check them out and perhaps subscribe to their newsletter.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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Bargain Bin:  Today I feature some links to the products available at the Absolute Rights website.  If nothing else, be sure to sign up for their weekly newsletter.  I think you will enjoy the articles, plus, you get a free eBook, The Bill of Wrongs.

The Lamplighter Report:  A video presentation describing the monthly report (more like a magazine) and the 10 bonus books.

The Lamplighter Report: To bypass the video and go directly to the order page.

170 Gallons a Day:  This report is free with a subscription to the Lamplighter Report, but if you are interested in this as a standalone, the $7 cost is well worth the price of 170 Gallons a Day.  This eBook tells you how to purify and filter any water (yes, including urine) to store, cook and drink following a disaster.

The Bill of Wrongs:  By subscribing to the Absolute Rights weekly newsletter, you get free access to The Bill of Wrongs: The Great Collapse of America’s Infrastructure.

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Learning to Claim Our Absolute Right to Freedom and Survival — 6 Comments

  1. First, let me say – I love your articles. So much information! Second, regarding using plastic jugs for srinking water storage. I am buying purified water from the store in 1 gal. plastic containers (the ones just like milk comes in) that are new, have the #2 on the bottom, and have never had milk in them. Can I use these to store water for use much later on? Do I need to treat the water with clorine (we have deep well water here) and our water tastes wonderful. I have filled used mile gallons with water to flush, or perhspa for cleaning. But since I will be getting so many of the new jugs, I would love to use them for drinking/cooking water when the SHTF. Any suggestions?

    • Helen – Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes, absolutely you can and should reuse the water jugs that contained purfied water from the store. Because they have only held water, there will be no sugars to breed bacteria and other nasties.

      I still recommend using a few drops of bleach in your stored water. This has more to do with maintaining purification and safety over time than taste. Also, depending on the temperature where they are stored, you should rotate the water in yur jugs (dump or use) and start over every year to 18 months.

      Hope this is helpful . . .

  2. Love your stuff!! I also miss the PNW, Iwas born in Corvallis and lived in Hillsboro. Miss the ocean. I live in Texas now, Big change, but there are a lot of likeminded people in these parts (as they put it here) If you have a list, I would be honored to be on it. (cannot get videos)
    Thought Obumer was suppose to fix that, God bless jhdav9@aol,com Stormydave

    • Sometimes I wish the weather were nicer year round – and certainly by crops think so, too – but I would not trade the PNW for any other area. The only worry now is the junk coming in from Japan via the Pacific Ocean.


  3. I believe that all freedom loving Americans should take the continued and systematic theft of our Constitutional freedoms very personally! If someone tries to enslave you should you not take that personally? Even if what our government tries to consistently shove down our collective throats is done so under the false banner of “what is good for all” should we merely accept their edicts as undisputed truths?

    If our righteous anger (not to be confused with mean-spirited or bigoted hatred of others) is not heard loud and clear by our Washington politicos, then how in the world can we continue whining about the organized socialist manifestos of the extreme left?

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