Survival Buzz: 4 Ways to Control Slugs Naturally

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Even though my garden is tiny, slugs and snails are having a heyday.  They are getting into my flowers and hostas which is especially hurtful.  I hate slugs so although I am certain they have some purpose in the big picture of our ecosystem, I want to get rid of them.

Lucky for us, the newest Backdoor Survival sponsor, Seed for Security, has some great tips for getting rid of slugs naturally.  Not only that, in order to give me my monthly Buzz break, Nan is providing one lucky reader with a complete Seed for Security Super Survival Kit.  I challenge you to find another survival seed kit like this on the Internet.  But let me give you fair warning. When you visit the Seed for Security website you are going to absolutely drool over the cabbage plants.

4 Ways to Control Slugs Naturally | Backdoor Survival

So what about those slugs?  Here are the 4 tips in the short video below.

  1. Hand pick when it is raining or damp
  2. Put down a wet newspaper trap
  3. During dry weather, surround plants with wood ash
  4. Drown them in DIY beer traps

Something not mentioned but what we did as kids was sprinkle the slugs with salt.  Does anyone do that any more?

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The Final Word

Yes, you may have noticed that there have been a lot of giveaways lately.  As I tend to do, I got into a backlog situation and over committed both my time and the website calendar.  I am doing my best to catch up and clear a path for a more sane review and giveaway calendar in the Fall.

Since this is my break day, I am going to keep this short.  I have enjoyed reading about your 2016 prepping goals in the Nokero Solar Light giveaway and find some recurring themes.  Clearly, our work is never done.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Survival Buzz: 4 Ways to Control Slugs Naturally — 69 Comments

  1. I would grow potatoes: they have a high yield, good amount of protein, can grow in any soil conditions, stores well.

  2. Pumpkins they are easy to grow, need no weeding needed. Multiple uses Halloween decorations, pies, multiple cooking ideas, roasted seeds and seeds for deworming of backyard farm animals.

  3. I think I would choose wheat. Could be used to make bread and pasta. Wheat germ is very nutritious and maybe coukd be used to feed livestock.

  4. I would grow potatoes because of the amount of potatoes we can get from one plant. I love tomatoes as well.

  5. I agree. Potatoes.

    I read about a study recently where the participants ate nothing but potatoes for 6 months. The results were positive (I would have to do a lot of typing to go into all of the details). It is fairly easy to grow a significant amount in a small space. They are healthy, versatile and filling. Plus I like ’em.

    One problem is that unlike most other veggies, you traditionally can’t store seeds long term. Ensuring that I always have a supply of seed potatoes worries me. Theoretically, you can sometimes, maybe, grow potatoes from seed, but I have never tried that and the results are questionable. Nevertheless, I do have an order in for potato seeds, just in case.

  6. I’m going for potatoes also. Inexpensive to purchase seed stock, easy to grow with minimal effort. They also require little chemical fertilizer. In addition they are a very versatile food that can be prepared in numerous ways. One that most forget is that they can be dried and ground in to flour.

  7. My first thought was potstoes but wheat seems a better choice. It’s a lot easier to keep long term and more versitile.

  8. I have been looking for some seeds to put in our emergency kit, it would be great to win these.

    Potatos would be a good choise, or maybe corn. Both can be turned into flour and have been staple foods for many cultures.

  9. Not too many slugs here in NM, but grubs become a problem….when we find them they’re chicken food. Would love to get the seed package. We have the Power for Patriots survival seed package and they are growing well, can’t have too many seeds.

  10. I would grow amaranth because it provides nutrition in the greens as well as the grain. It also grows very easily so it’s not that vulnerable.

  11. I love tomatoes and potatoes but has no one thought of the harsh Russian winters where the people live on cabbage? Sauté, bake, boil, stuff and ferment. Healthy and filling.

    • Donna, cabbage is a great idea, especially stuffed. I read a novel set in Russia that mentioned having nothing to eat but millet and onions. I think with cabbage, potatoes and millet I would be all set. Plus wild berries in the summer.

  12. If I could grow only one crop it would be potatoes. They grow well here, are versatile, store well, and have a high yield.

  13. I gotta say potatoes. They are so comforting and nutritious. If that was not possible due to not having seed potatoes, as one reader said, then perhaps amaranth. It grows as a weed anyway, and has protein. Maybe turnips. Or millet. I think it’s important to look at what people have survived on in the past, and what can be harvested and processed most easily. And what grows in the available seasons and climate zone.

    Having sat here giving this some thought, I may start rotating potatoes through my bugout bag every couple weeks, and the crawl space under the house once a month. Gotta have potatoes to plant. I think I would rather be killed by the disaster than live without potatoes.

  14. Potatoes are nutritious and filling, and you can eat them raw. I think chia seeds might be my choice. They have lots of nutrients and they swell up in liquid so they would be filling.

  15. Potatoes are a great idea…besides, they have great historical significance! Dan Quail told the entire world the incorrect spelling of the word…and the Russians make Vodka from them

  16. One more idea. Winter squash. Filling, nutritious, and keeps in a root cellar.

    Dovetail between growing something and bugging out. I’ll be burying a large water tight cooler. Not very deep. If long term bug out becomes necessary, the cooler in the ground will become a root cellar.

    There is a YouTube video about planting and growing things randomly near weeds, to avoid detection and theft. But I don’t know how well that would work as far as insects and animals go. Then again, the plants could work as a lure for hunting.

  17. To control slugs, get a couple of ducks. They LOVE slugs and other bugs and they don’t tear up the garden the way chickens do. They don’t mind wet weather and will give you eggs, too. You do have to provide them with water, food and a secure shelter at night, though.

  18. Carrots. Pretty hardy , my vision isn’t getting any better, taste pretty good boiled…… with honey :]

  19. I would say potatoes also. I’ve seen a list somewhere in the past of all the things you can do with them besides eating them. It included a video showing how to make vodka too.

  20. I would choose potatoes because you don’t have to have a lot of land to grow them. You can grown them in a bag or bucket or tire.

  21. I was putting out saucers of beer to drown slugs. Every morning the saucers would be dry & held no slugs. Then I realized I had a dog with a drinking problem.

  22. In theory Amaranth because it grows practically everywhere and good plant based source of protein and calcium. In practice potatoes since the rest of the people at the BOL aren’t familiar with amaranth and husband doesn’t like it.


  24. potatoes. My mother use to grow them when they had a farm growing up, making mounds. Hardly ever failed them as a crop.

  25. I once ordered seeds in anticipation of our move to the country. The box was clearly labeled, and set aside in our “office” in a safe place for my careful transport.

    Moving day came, and went. I searched and searched and could not find the box. It finally showed up, but, not where I thought it would be. It had been in the hot, hot, metal garage for two years. I had passed it over time and time again because it was mislabeled.

    My hubby had seen a box, half empty, topped with bubble wrap and decided to use it. He added papers to the top of the box, closed it (placing the original markings UNDERNEATH, taped it, and marked it as his papers. Naturally, I ignored anything that had to deal with HIS junk.

    When we finally opened the box and found the seeds, they were useless. They had been packed in paper envelopes and exposed to extreme heat and cold. None of the seeds germinated.

    All for the vanity of…”I don’t need my reading glasses,” we lost $100 worth of seeds.

  26. Grow only one crop? That is a tough one.

    Personally, I love tomatoes. But that would not be very nutritional. Dill is my favorite herb. One of my grandsons loves pickles, so he would want cucumbers. Another wants corn-on-the-cob, another broccoli, and one sugar pod peas.

    I guess I would grow beans. They are super easy to grow and have a great yield. There are so many different beans and they each seem to have unique flavors, and colors. There are so many ways to season them to satisfy most appetites. From appetizers (Hummus) to salads and main courses. Even, including dessert! (Black Bean Brownies taste and feel like fudge!)

  27. I don’t care so much for potatoes but know you can survive on them. My fave veggie is carrots but potatoes are more nutritionally dense and pretty easy to eat and digest, so I’d grow those in that situation.

  28. I would grow something in the bean family, I love red beans, they can be dried, and store well. Red beans are a great source of fiber, a great protein, very filling also. Potatoes are a great choice but do to some dietary issues they wouldn’t be a great choice for me.
    I can’t wait to attack some slugs, thank you for all the tips.

  29. Only being able to choose one I would have to go with potatoes. Easy to grow and store to get me through the winter months.

  30. If I could only grow one thing in my garden right now, it would be tomatoes. We eat tomatoes all summer in one form or another. In an emergency situation, if I could only grow one thing, it would be quinoa: high protein content, stores well, filling and flexible.

  31. I would choose potatoes if for no other reason than they are hard to see. No five finger discounts from my land.

  32. For as many good intentions about planting a garden in our new backyard, two years have gone by and only a tomato plant or two has made it into the ground. I finally took a bag of onion sets and repurposed a large flower pot to at least grow something useful while I’m thinking on the rest of the plantings. Onions last a long time (at least in the ground), will reproduce from seeds as well as sets, and have been happily thrifty on water consumption. They help add flavor to other foods, are high in flavonoids, and can be cooked in a variety of ways. Perhaps I’ll trade you for some of your potatoes.

  33. To fudge a bit, my one crop would be “three sisters”.Planted in Indian style, it is easy to grow, provides easily stored food, is nutritious, does not need traditionally tilled land and yields replaceable seeds. Second choice is the potato although yams might be a better option for my area.

    • Way to go with the Three Sisters idea. Do you know how to treat the corn with lime to unlock the nutrients? I don’t know, just that it must be done. The Pilgrims didn’t listen to the Native Americans and many died.

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