35 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Vinegar

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This article has been updated to include even more reasons why yo should never be without vinegar.  Please visit the enhanced article by clicking below.

50 Reasons Why Preppers Need Vinegar in Their Stockpiles | Backdoor Survival

50 Reasons Why Preppers Need Vinegar in Their Stockpiles





35 Reasons You Should Never Be Without Vinegar — 7 Comments

  1. I’m surprised he didn’t talk of mixing apple cider vinegar with honey (Honeygar I think they call it) and drink. I have a bottle in the refridge and take a slug every whipstitch.
    Hey don’t all you prepper women out there in survivor land forget, I need someone to live here in Ky with me to get ready for Obuma hitting the fan…..

  2. I am preparing for several things. One being a government meltdown, two a huge explosion at our local ammunition plant (has happened before) three: Bad storms and tornadoes. It could all happen at any moment. I love to use vinegar as a disinfectant and have used it on my white countertops along with baking soda to remove stains. It also removes Pam buildup on my baking sheets.

  3. Apple cider vinegar – drink 4 times daily to keep blood sugar under control. Use plain white vinegar to wash face 3 to 4 times a week keeps psoriasis in check.

  4. Okay Here in the Pacific Northwest we seem to use vinegar a little differently. It is a cheap moss killer just spray it on your roof and the moss dies. Second: There isn’t a better rust loosener. I had a little 4 cyl that ran good when I parked it and it seized up from moisture. Pulled the spark plugs and filled the cylinders with Vinegar, left it set overnight turned the crank back and forth and got rusty liquid out of one cyl so I filled it back up and the next day I was able to turn it all the way around and clean the vinegar out with the compression. It must have worked okay cause that was about 2 years ago and it is still driving to this day and it is dependable.

  5. I loved your top 35 reasons of using vinegar in your daily life.
    I just want to add a 36 to the list 🙂
    I suffer from extreme nose allergies (sinusitis) and it is a MUST for me to keep my room as clean as possible, specially my bed sheets.
    What I do is to wash my bed sheets with vinegar. After all the detergent is out, in the last cycle of your washing machine, you can add one cub of vinegar and this will do the job.

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