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Shop Emergency Essentials Sales for Fantastic Deals!

For over 25 years Emergency Essentials has been providing the highest quality preparedness products at great prices.  Plus, each month they feature sales that quite honestly are fantastic.  This month note the great sale prices two of my favorites, the Mobile Washer (Hand Operated Washing Machine) now only $14.95 and the Tote-able Toilet Seat and Lid, now only $11.79.


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  1. I do get the feeling from your blog that you are just an average regular person like myself and not out to sell, sell, sell. I go along doing my prepper thing and try to weed out the scare tactics and hard sell. When I read your blog I feel like here is someone I’m comfortable with. Thanks

  2. BDS is one of the first sites we found and it continues to be a top favorite! Thank you for the time and information you share on so many topics and the encouragement that no matter where you are in this – it’s never too late or too hard to do something.

  3. I just submitted an Emergency Essentials order. There were some very good buys on some items I didn’t already have in my emergency supplies. Thanks for the chance at the $25 Amazon gift card.

  4. Wish I’d found your site when I first started prepping… would’ve saved me a ton of money. 🙂 Now I pass it on to everyone who shows an interest in prepping. Such a GREAT source of information, direction, and encouragement! Seriously… I pray God blesses you for all you do for us.

  5. Thanks for all the great information you offer and all the related research you do. The time and effort is greatly appreciated.

  6. Thanks. Love the free stuff idea. So many sites make you pay for information, not giving away much free. I would keep coming back even without the free stuff. You have so much information for us! You are appreciated.

  7. I am overwhelmed by these comments! Honestly, I had no idea I would get to 500 entries so quickly. I was going to shut it down at 500 but plan to keep the giveaway open a bit longer so that everyone who received my email will have a chance to enter.

    A few minutes ago I ordered 4 $25 Amazon Gift cards so I will have them on hand. I will be repeating the giveaway again in coming weeks.

    You might be wondering why I am doing this. Mostly it is a thank you for continuing to visit my site but also, when times are tough is it nice to have a little extra “pin money” (does anyone use that term anymore?) for extra preps such as a flashlight or glow sticks, or some comfort items such as chocolate and coloring books.

    Whatever the winner decides to do with their prize is up to them. No strings attached. You guys are the best fans on the planet and are truly appreciated for more reasons then you can imagine.

  8. You’re so humble….but so true to yourself and others. You’re my fav. Thanks for all the depth-to-lightedheartedness articles…. You rock!

  9. Thank you so much for this blog. I really appreciate your common sense approach and the research that you put into the information you put out there.

  10. I so look forward to receiving each of your posts. Every one of them is informative. Thank you for your giveaways too.

  11. I really appreciate your good info and especially the articles on mental prep. The crazy events in our world seem to point out the need for better mind sets, more awareness while we work toward inner peace. Thanks.

  12. Thanks for all you do – you bring a much welcome matter-of-fact approach to sharing your information. It helps me feel that we are all in this learning thing together! I appreciate your emails and look forward to Monday mornings!

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